Creating ‘new good habits’  is always a challenge, but may we suggest some great new habits that will enable you to make your contribution to cutting emissions every day and leave you knowing the winter snow will still be there for you.

What impact can a Commute have?

Transport is responsible for around 120 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year – around a third of the UK total, with 80 million tonnes of carbon dioxide used to get us to work each year. If you commute to work by car on your own not only does it isolate you from the rest of the world,  it separates you from nature, and we know being close to nature makes us all happier.

If you love winter and spending time outdoors then sitting in your car is not only destroying our climate it could be maker you a little less jolly too. So what choices do we have? Imagine if you could use that time differently, be happier, still get to work on time and save the climate while you are at it!

How can I Change my Commute?

Can you actually walk it? Start a couple of days a week. You will notice a whole new perspective. Even if the weather is not so great you will feel a sense of accomplishment and have a clearer mind too.

For the more adventurous of you, try to run, but make sure you start out slow. Maybe run into work, get public transport home, or bring the car and leave it a work and run home and in again the next morning.

Cycling in some cities may be quicker than driving! It might even be more predictable as you are less likely to get stuck in traffic.

What might I gain if I Change my Commute?

You will be helping to develop a new climate friendly habit that not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also means cleaner air and water and a healthier environment for all!

You will become fitter and strengthen your mental capacity whilst becoming closer to nature. You may even take a mindful moment as you stop and notice the trees and hear the bird song along the way.

You could arrive at work feeling refreshed and energised, if you can’t be on the slopes you can at least be outdoors and feel the wind.

Take that moment for yourself, each morning and focus on you for a while.

By being reflective about how you commute, and choosing to take personal climate action on a daily basis, you start to build the collective response that begins to influence transport planners and politicians. We all need to work together to send a signal to those in control that the system is broken and that it needs to change, and fast. 


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