Where leisure

Meets adventure

Because true luxury is about the thrill of an utterly exclusive experience, Carte Blanche puts all its expertise into creating tailor-made moments – that will make for unforgettable memories. Our hand-picked prestige accommodation and bespoke designer chalets combine only the very best in amenities, comfort and style. Experienced and knowledgeable staff are on hand 24/7 to anticipate your every need, from gourmet meals to sports and wellness services, for an effortlessly smooth and relaxing stay.

Want to take your stay to new highs? Why not try a spot of ice-diving, or skidoo? Just follow our lead!

And for a setting that’s sure to take your breath away, Carte Blanche will only ever take you to the very best of nature… with guaranteed snow, spectacular vistas… and insider access to all the most amazing, untouched spots.
Draw the map of your very own Carte Blanche journey – today.

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